Mission Statement

Our mission as a Value and Impact Advisory Firm is to democratize strategy consulting by educating and advising businesses and startups on both exit and growth strategies. We add vitality, agility, and diversity of thought by introducing innovative digital solutions and structured problem solving. Our robust network of investors and business sellers uniquely position us to execute exit strategies and implement growth strategies.

Our Belief

We believe lasting professional relationships are built on mutual trust and respect, which is earned by consistently delivering excellent work-product, unrivaled customer service, and positive social impact. We solve problems quickly, with a smile, recommending creative solutions that help our clients exceed their business and social impact goals.

The Team

D.K. Smith
D.K. recently left Boston Consulting Group to launch D.K. Smith & Co., an Impact Advisory Firm.

His passion for business strategy and social entrepreneurship led him to build a team that travels the world providing advisory solutions for underserved businesses and entrepreneurs.

Alma Maters & Affiliations

Shani Smith, DO
VP of Operations
When Shani is not busy saving lives in the ICU she leads KS Group, a division of D.K. Smith & Co.

KS Group strengthens financial literacy rates in underserved communities through workshops, custom financial curriculums, and online webinars. We teach minority students and professionals how to overcome generational financial trauma and build sustainable wealth.

Alma Maters & Affiliations

Tai Lasisi
Creative Director

Alma Maters & Affiliations

Mary Mel
Project Manager
Mary advises brands on social media marketing, strategy, and engagement, while specializing in creative direction and strategy.

She has worked with dozens of clothing, beauty, natural products, and digital brands to help them increase their social media following and engagement by delivering original, entertaining content. Her motivation comes from seeing the passion that other creatives swim in and discovering artistic people wherever she goes.

Alma Maters & Affiliations

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