July 23, 2019

We touched on three key themes during our last conversation:
1. Financial wellness
2. Creating a company for your brand
3. Increasing supplemental income

Financial Wellness

robust Financial plan

Together we will create a financial plan based on your long-term personal and professional goals

Monthly Savings

Our target savings for each month will be between 7-10% of your pre-tax income

Adjust risk profile

Based on your age, retirement goal, and current risk profile you should be targeting annual returns in the low double digits

Creating a Company

LLC Formation

I'll create an LLC to protect and house your brand and contracting gigs

S Corp for tax purposes

You will most likely want to file as an S Corp during the next tax season to avoid self employment tax and enjoy the 20% small business tax break

Enjoy tax breaks

You should be able to write off a portion of your rent as your "home office"

Increasing Supplemental Income

Business plan

Create a strategy for achieving additional income, complete with KPIs and monthly milestones

Speaking engagements

Match your topic expertise (prevention, lifestyle optimization, diabetes, and sleep) to find speaking opportunities


Create custom planners, other merchandise, and potentially a health and nutrition app

Please email me your and I will send over pricing options and workplans

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