We advise companies on how to increase front-office engagement with diverse prospective clients and how to increase diversity in their talent pipeline. We believe that all qualified people should have a fair shot at the top.

We understand that increasing diversity and inclusion in the boardroom doesn’t happen overnight, so we help fill the gap by creating interim strategies and advising on permanent diversity solutions.



1 %
of companies

have gender-diversity programs yet only one in four women feel that they have personally benefited from such programs.

Source: BCG

1 %

Racially and ethnically diverse companies outperform industry benchmarks.

  Source: McKinsey


1 %
Capture new markets

Diverse companies are more likely to capture new markets. As your business grows, capturing new markets will become increasingly important. 

Source: Harvard Business Review


From educational guest speakers to entertaining activities, we fill your calendar with vetted programming to increase diversity engagement and team building


Our Pinot and Profits workshops teach professionals prudent financial habits. Although designed for minority professionals, anyone can attend and learn!


Not sure where to start on your quest for diversity? We design actionable strategy roadmaps allowing you to communicate progress to stakeholders along way


Increasing diversity can take longer than expected, but working with us is an immediate temporary solution to bridge your long-term diversity ambitions


  Pinot and Profits is a financial fluency workshop where we teach minority professionals prudent wealth-building tactics. Our mission is to help minorities overcome generational financial-trauma through a fun, safe atmosphere where no question is a dumb question. Participants learn about  stock market basics, debt management, starting a side-hustle, and more from a black wall street experienced lawyer and finance expert and a black doctor. Contact us to learn more!
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