We advise managers in the music and entertainment industries,  allowing clients to focus on their artists while we handle the business and financial strategy. The perfect compliment to sports agents and managers, we are proven, trusted advisors and business strategists. 

Artists and athletes are more than entertainers, they are businesses. At D.K. Smith & Co. we ensure they are legally protected and have a solid strategy to build generational wealth from multiple streams of income.

I'm not a businessman.
I'm a business, man.


Investment Management

We create holistic investment plans to build generational wealth for you and your family.

Side-Hustle Advisory

Many clients have passion projects and entrepreneurial ideas, we help make those ideas a reality.

Business Coaching

We coach our more hands-on clients in the fields of business management, finance, and entrepreneurship.

Strategy Officer

You are the CEO of your own wealth. We are your CSO, Chief Strategy Officer, making sure you and your family have a business model destined for success.

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